Buying your first car can be an exciting experience. Nothing compares to the freedom of being able to drive your very own vehicle. Many first-time care owners are unprepared for the type of care that is required to maintain a well-functioning vehicle. Without the right attention, your car is much more likely to break down, which can lead to accidents on the road and expensive repairs. Here are some maintenance tips for first-time car owners from the automotive professionals at McDermott Motors Tirecraft.

Ensure Regular Oil Change:

Routine oil changes are important for the proper functioning of your vehicle. Clean oil improves your car’s mileage and helps to put less stress on your vehicle’s engine. Conventional wisdom holds that oil should be changed every 3000 miles; however, modern vehicles are often built with increased energy efficiency so oil can be changed less frequently than that. For specific information about oil changes for your vehicle, see your owner’s manual and have your vehicle inspected by one of our auto service experts.

Take Care of Your Tires:

Damaged tires can cause serious issues for your vehicle. For optimal safety and performance, make sure that your tires are properly balanced and aligned. Fully inflated tires are also integral to smooth and safe driving, so have them re-inflated routinely. If the threading on your tires starts to feel worn, you may want to have your tires replaced. Make sure to have winter tires installed on your vehicle before driving through snowy or icy conditions. For the highest quality tire inspection and tune-up services in Toronto and the surrounding area, visit our team of professionals at McDermott Motors Tirecraft.

Owning your first car can be truly liberating and exciting. With the right care and maintenance, your first vehicle will last for many years to come. If you need inspection, tune-up or repair services for your car, or more information about proper vehicle maintenance, contact us today at 416-361-1707 for expert automotive service and advice.

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